University of Oxford

The University of Oxford carries with its name, the respectable distinction of being the oldest educational institution in any English speaking country. Though the exact year the university was founded is not quite known, many historians contend the university existed in some fashion very early into the second millennia of modern history, the university has been a bastion of higher learning and personal advancement for nearly a thousand years.

And while the university has seen quite its fair number of shifts and changes throughout its long history, the spirit of Oxford has very much survived throughout the years.
As a new student to the university, you tap into that lively spirit of self-discovery and learning

while adding your name to a long chain of great thinkers and law practitioners that once stood and studied within its storied halls.

An Exciting Campus Life amid Historical Wonders

As a student of the university, you have the rare opportunity to follow your passion for law while studying, living, and learning among the beautiful architecture that abounds the campus grounds.

Though the campus is quite something to behold in itself, life on campus has so much to offer to any student willing to take the opportune chance.

The surrounding city is full of exciting opportunities to explore the local nightlife, cuisine, and art communities. And whether you enjoy long nights spent listening to underground DJs in East Oxford or dinners in one of the many fine dining restaurants dotting the roads of Jericho, there is certainly something to challenge your taste and excite you.

A Community of Learning

For being the oldest educational institute in any English speaking country, Oxford boasts one of the most youthful local communities of any other prestigious institution, one that extends well beyond its historic halls and open courtyards.

In fact, nearly forty percent of the local residents are under the age of thirty and of those numbers, 25% attend the university. This makes for a uniquely inclusive local community that builds on and borrows from the spirit of Oxford and its long traditions.

Add your Name to a Vast Record of Great Minds and Influential Individuals

As the oldest educational institute, Oxford has played a critical role in shaping the lives and minds of some of the greatest individuals within the last thousand years.

Among the notable faces that once called Oxford their home, a vast list of former Prime Ministers, arguably some of the most influential poets and writers of the last two centuries, Nobel Prize winners from quite diverse backgrounds, and even a number of famous actors all share the same influential period spent finding themselves within its walls.

Perhaps the most famous, and certainly one of the most highly regarded alumni of Oxford, is the great physicist Professor Stephen Hawking. As arguably one of the greatest minds to ever grace our society, Professor Hawking began his journey in very much like any other student of the university. Though he is certainly not alone, within just the last two centuries, the world renowned poet T.S. Eliot, astronomer and telescope namesake Edwin Hubble, literary mastermind Aldous Huxley, and even T E Lawrence are but few of the vast number of Oxford graduates that went on to attain greatness after their years spent learning, living, and discovering on campus.

Oxford’s Award Winning Faculty of Law

As a student with a passion for law, beginning your path towards fulfilling your passion at Oxford provides you with an opportunity to study under some of the most notable professors of law. As one of the oldest institutions in an English speaking country, Oxford has a long history of preparing prospective legal professional for successful careers following their passion.

And whether you are just beginning your journey as an undergraduate or you are looking to expand your knowledge by taking part in one Oxford’s many postgraduate programmes, Oxford’s Faculty of Law will serve you well in your endeavours as merely attending the school is in itself quite the accomplishment, making your future potential quite appealing to prospective firms further down along your path.

With programmes ranging from Law Studies as they apply to Europe, Jurisprudence, Civil Law, Law and Finance, and Criminology, it is rather easy to find the perfect programme to complement your individual aspiration and give you the foundation you need to carry on with personal goals.

Renowned the world over for producing some of the finest professionals within the industry, Oxford’s Faculty of Law found itself the recipient of yet more praise recently as it was recognised for its unique campus culture. As the topic of equality has finally been broached with the appropriate response, universities across the world have begun to challenge their own standard practises in attempts to become more inclusive. Though for Oxford, an inclusive community of peers is not simply an inherent quality, it is the culmination of efforts from the thousands of students who have championed fairness and equality within its walls.

Though students and faculty are not the only ones to recognise the unique environment present across campus, recently the Athena SWAN review board presented the institution with the Bronze Award in recognition of Oxford’s efforts to address issues of gender inequality and representation within the organisation.

Have Your Own Memories of Your Time Spent as a Student

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