University of Leeds

Located in the heart of Yorkshire, the University of Leeds has long been the top choice for students looking to pursue a career in law. Though the university went through an extensive period of revitalising its image and approach towards higher learning, the university has quickly transitioned from that phase to become one of the 100 top universities in the world.

Having seen quite a few transitions in both name and in alignment, the University of Leeds has taken its ability to adapt and transferred that over to its approach towards preparing students for their future careers.

Living, Studying, and Learning at the University of Leeds as a Student

Life as a student at UL is rather unique as Leeds is home to quite a lively nightlife scene, it has often been joked that there are more pubs and bars inLeeds per person than anywhere else in the UK.

Jokes and exaggerations aside, the nightlife outside of the university has drawn thousands of students each year to the small brick campus.

Life in the Cultural Mecca of the North

Beyond simply being home to a copious amount of watering holes, the city of Leeds has long been considered a cultural mecca of sorts within the north. And for quite good reasons, the rather large collection of young students combined with the sheer number of outlets for creativity, auditoriums, theatres, cafes, and venues are bountiful across the city, makes for a breeding ground of art, music, and culture.

Though music and art play a heavy role in the city’s landscape, Leeds is truly a city that has something to offer everyone.

For those that prefer to sample local cuisine and try their hand at the culinary arts, Leeds is home to a thriving international culinary community and a number of must visit restaurants and eateries. Whether you would like to enjoy a Parisian lunch or have a local staple at your favourite pub, Leeds is able to provide for all of your gastronomy cravings.

While long nights with new friends in the city certainly has its appeal, it may not be the right fit for everyone, and for those that would like to get in touch with their nature side, the university is conveniently situated next to one the largest rail hubs outside of London, so whenever you want to take weekend trip towards greener fields, just catch the next train going north and enjoy the beautiful sights along the way.

Life as a student at the University of Leeds provides once in a lifetime opportunities to experience life as it was meant to be seen as a young adult while pursuing your aspirations in law at one of the highest ranked universities within the UK and the world.

The University of Leeds’ Famous Alumni and Notable Names

As the university is located in the cultural mecca of the north, it is safe to assume that quite a number of UL’s famous alumni have found their success and acclaim as performers. In fact, a rather large number of famous musicians have once called the halls of the University of Leeds their home and walked its brick path.

The founding members of the experimental rock band, ALT-J not only met while students at the university but even honed their musical prowess in many of the venues strewn across the city. Though they are far from the most notable of the musicians to have come from UL, singer-songwriter Corinne Bailey Rae, Mark Knopfler, and even Victoria Christina Hesketh, better recognised by her stage name Little Boots, all began their careers beneath the shadow of the Parkinson Building.

Even a few famous names from across the pond have spent some time finding themselves on the campus grounds.

Studying Law at the University of Leeds

Studying law at the University of Leeds has become a sought after experience for many young students looking to enter the industry with not only the experience they will need to succeed but also the credentials to court leading firms not only within the country but overseas as well.

The programmes offered cater to all levels of learning, so whether you are an undergraduate taking your first steps into the community or already have dissertation outline in mind, the university will be able to help you build a foundation in which you can rely on for your entire career.

Of all the programmes offered undergraduates attending the school for the first time can choose between…

• LLB Law
• LLB Law with a Focus on European Legal Studies
• LLB Law with a Focus on International Legal Studies
• LLB Law with a Focus on French Law
• LLB Law with a Focus on German Law
• LLB Law with a focus on Hispanic Law
• And Criminal Justice and Criminology

Each offering a unique perspective and set of learning opportunities that will allow a student to move forward from their studies with the skills they will need to find success. Though for those that wish to take their understanding of the law to higher level, the programmes offered for postgraduates are bit more extensive as they go further into the individual specialties of…

• LLM Criminal Justice and Criminal Law
• MSc Criminal Justice and Criminology
• MSc Security and Justice
• LLM International Banking and Finance Law
• LLM International Business Law
• LLM International Corporate Law
• LLM International Trade Law
• MSc Law and Finance
• LLM Intellectual Property Law
• LLM International Law
• And LLM International and European Human Rights Law

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