University of East Anglia

Located in scenic outer ridges of Norwich, the University of East Anglia has fostered a proud tradition of going about higher education a little differently since its early inception.

Originally built on the grounds of a golf course, the university would quickly rise from its simple inauguration into becoming a top ranked university.

At the core of the institution’s philosophy lies a credo to go about educating the next generation a bit differently. The university’s unique approach to fostering the academic careers of students has earned it a regular place in the top five in the National Student Survey each year.

Though the university and its faculty approach academics with a unique take and perspective not found on many other campuses, this hasn’t taken away from the reputation of the institution among employers in all the major industries.

Living as a Student at the University of East Anglia

As a student, your time spent studying, living, and learning at UEA affords you the unique opportunity to approach building the foundation of your future career among the beauty that is Norwich City. The campus itself has everything an incoming student could possibly ask of a university.

Students can pass their time enjoying live music and catching up on football matches in the campus’s Blue Bar, the same venue Coldplay live broadcasted their BBC Radio 1 performance, work out and unwind with a pick up football game in the university’s state of the art sports facility, or even catch international music acts performing at the campus’s own venue, the LCR.
With so many things to do while living on campus, besides studying and pursuing their passion, it may be easy for some students to ignore all that the amazing Norwich has to offer.

Blending both classic sensibilities with an emerging modern twist, Norwich offers students a variety of experiences to help them unwind and enjoy their time between classes.

For those with a passion for the arts, a quick trip into the city centre to visit the Norwich Playhouse or Cinema City is certainly for an evening of engaging performances and classic cinema is the perfect outing for an afternoon off. Or if you are a little open minded towards your art performances, the local Norwich Puppet Theatre is surely something that you do not see every day.

For those with traditional tastes, a walk down the Prince of Wales road will certainly have something to catch your attention. The entire road is dotted on either side with crowded clubs, unique pubs, and even a few karaoke bars, all only a small trip away from campus.

An Inclusive and Diverse Student Body Community

UEA’s approach to going about higher learning a bit differently is present in all aspects of student life, and no part shows this more clearly than the student body itself. As society’s conversation about nationalism and diversity has stirred quite a few emotions across the nation, the university has found itself becoming a bastion of acceptance for all of its students. Through workshops, outreach programmes, and just simple conversations the university has promoted a campus that is welcoming to all students regardless of background.

The University of East Anglia’s Famous and Influential Alumni

The beautiful scenery and abundant culture have made UEA the first choice for many students across the world, and though every student eventually moves on to find their own greatness in their own life, some have made an indelible mark on society’s consciousness and awareness.

Fans of the long running BBC classic Doctor Who will be pleased to find out that one famous Doctor once roamed UEA’s grounds before regenerating into his success. The face of the eleventh doctor, Matt Smith begin his career in acting first studying at UEA before eventually landing the role that would launch his career.

Though Matt Smith is far from the only fandom hero to have once called UEA home, John Rhys-Davies, studied his craft and found his own path while spending his early adulthood at UEA.

The University of East Anglia’s School of Law

For those that would like to pursue their aspiration in law, the university offers students the opportunity to take on challenging course work in one of their many law programmes.

Undergraduates can choose to between UEA’s

• LLB Law Programme
• LLB Law with a Focus on American Law
• Or LLB Law with a Focus on European Law

Those wishing to expand their understanding and add to the overall understanding of the field are able to partake in a unique approach to postgraduate studies.

First and foremost, the postgraduate programme of UEA distinguishes itself with an extensive postgraduate taught programme that gives students all of the resources they will need to fully take advantage of their time in the programme. Each student in the programme is not only able to study and work beside professors with extensive knowledge of law from a wide variety of international backgrounds but also receive their very support system of advisors to help them succeed.
The unique take and support system each student is provided with has led the school to being

given the distinction and honour of being named one of the top five law programmes within all of the UK, a fact not lost on neither students nor employers.

World Recognised Research

UEA’s law school not only offers a unique approach towards it undergraduate and postgraduate programmes but can only boast a research programme that has garnered praise across the globe for its efforts. Nearly 70% of all the research conducted within the programme has gone on to be utilised by the international community.

Were You Once a Student of the University of East Anglia?

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