University Of Durham

Tucked away in the scenic town of Durham, the University of Durham simultaneously blends the modern expectations of a reputable institution with the beauty, simplicity, and traditions for which the small town of merely 100,000 is known.

What may strike visitors of the campus first, is simply how beautiful the campus truly is; the neatly kept grounds spread across the entire campus, complete with arching domed cathedral tops and spires cutting into the horizon. All of which, are certainly stunning enough to have earned their place as the backdrop for many popular movies.


Certainly, the overwhelming sight of the University of Durham is what causes so many students to fall in love with the campus, often choosing to stay on campus for a large portion of their stay within its walls.
Though beyond its picture-perfect views, the University of Durham has built a reputation as being a unique university that provides students with opportunities unlike any other. A reputation it supports with a world renowned academic programme that has been ranked among the top forty universities across the entirety of the UK.

Life as Student

For the thousands of students that choose to pursue their dreams within the university’s halls, life is a swirl of student body activities, community programmes, challenging course work, and opportunities to make memories that will carry through life.
For many, the first day of classes is also the first time they fall in love with the institution, and

when the annual tradition of welcoming incoming students with flying banners and cheers is taken into consideration, it is easy to see as to why.
Those that choose to spend their first year living on campus are privy to a dorm life unlike many

other educational institutions. Being able to study, learn, and live among the arcane architecture is surely an opportunity not many receive.

Expanding Your Horizons and Seeing New Countries

As beautiful as the campus is, students may want to venture out beyond its walls and explore the local sights. Luckily for every student, the university is located only a short distance from beautiful Yorkshire and stunning Scotland, making day trips to the vast green expanses of these places a rite of passage for every student.

An Active Student Body Community

One of the most notable things about student life at the University of Durham is how opportunities are truly available to students who would like to engage and learn with not only their peers but the surrounding community. In fact, the university encourages and supports a community outreach programme that helps connect students with once in life opportunities spent learning about local culture and history with those who know it best.

Whether you are entering your first year in the university or furthering your understanding of the legal system with state of the research as a postgraduate, the University of Durham provides all of its students with ample opportunities to continue pursuing their dreams.

A Growing List of Notable Alumni

The beautiful campus of Durham has played host to an extensive list of great minds and influential individual. From the Faculty of Law alone, several Supreme Court Justices from around the world call the scenic grounds their alma mater.

Though of the two most notable names to have once studied beneath the shadows of its arching architecture, one did not complete their tenure at the institution. Easily one of the most recognisable actors of modern times and certainly one of the most recongnisable alumni, Sir Roger Moore studied for a time within the halls of Durham, though unfortunately due to an inscription into the military it led to his early departure from the institute.

Another famous alumni, unfortunately bore the brunt of living in her more famous sisters shadows. Anne Brontë was the lesser known sister of the famed Brontë family, as her sisters went on to garner praise and renowned for their literary classics, the work of Anne, classic in its own right, would suffer from trying to find fame in her own light in comparison to her older sister.

Ground Breaking Research and World Class Faculty of Law

For the thousands of students that enter the University of Durham with aspirations of pursuing a career in law, the opportunity to study within a department that is not only renowned for its curriculum and professors but its research within the industry is one that surely does not happen often.

For those fortunate enough to study law within the same halls as Supreme Court Justices from around the world, the time spent in Durham will shape the rest of their careers, as it provides them with a once in a lifetime opportunity to study under professors who are not only passionate but actively looking to expand boundaries of understanding within their field.

Undergraduate students are free to pursue their LLM programme, challenging themselves to complete the often rigorous coursework while those looking to expand their understanding of the law can choose to enroll in a postgraduate research programme of their choice. As a postgraduate student, future professionals will take part in conducting research to be used the world over by practitioners of law. And whether students choose to pursue an MPhil, Mjur, or PhD, the opportunity to contribute towards the law community can serve as a starting point for eventually working with such endeavours like the Human Rights Centre or Durham’s own European Law Institute.

Students pursuing their postgraduate education benefit from being able to access the newly constructed research wing for the department that provides students with state of the art resources for conducting research, preparing projects, and furthering their understanding.

Adding Your Voice to the Conversation

The opportunities, experiences, and memories alumni of the University of Durham found through their time spent within its halls uniquely shape the course of a life beyond its campus. We would love to hear your story, so please add your voice to the thousands of others and leave a review, comment, or story about your time at Durham.
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