University of Dundee

Located in the beautiful country of Scotland, the University of Dundee has helped its students of law find the skills, experience, and knowledge they need to carry on with a successful career beyond their years spent within its halls.

Originally founded in the last years of the nineteenth century, the university spent a majority of its history affiliated with St. Andrews, though that relationship ended in the late 60’s as the university moved to establish itself as an independent institution. From that point on the University of Dundee has made a point of going about higher education as they see well.

And the results speak for themselves entirely. Since first breaking its relation to St. Andrews, the University of Dundee has regularly been ranked the best university to attend within Scotland and one of the best within the UK as a whole.

Living as a Student at the University of Dundee

For the nearly twenty thousand students that call the University of Dundee home each year, life is a combination of studying alongside peers from around the world, taking in the beautiful sights and culture that Scotland has to offer, and pursuing their aspirations in the highest ranked university in the country.

Taking in the Local Culture and Expanding Your Borders

The University of Dundee’s renown spreads far beyond the shores of the UK, for many international students the allure of studying in Scotland is an opportunity few would like to miss.

And whether students come for its lively night scene, local scenery, or simply for the opportunity to study at a university that aims to redefine its place in the educational landscape, there is truly something for everyone.

For those that prefer to dance the night away, the city offers a trove of music venues with DJs, live bands, and national acts taking the stage each night of the week. Doting the roads alongside many of the music venues, Dundee’s many pubs offer students a taste of the local fare.

Though the city offers students plenty of opportunities to take a break from their studies, those that wish to expand their horizons a bit further would be pleased to know that the university is but only a short ride to some of the UK and Europe’s most famous cities.

Students can choose to take a weekend getaway to Paris or Amsterdam, or during the spring months even take off to explore much of Europe has to offer while still being able to return to classes.

Living Well and Affordably

Though talk of weekend trips to Paris, certainly evokes images of price tags the average university student might avoid, living on campus, and within Dundee itself, is quite affordable for even students on the most stringent of budgets. So you can be free to use your extra savings for experiencing the expanding sights within the city.

The University of Dundee’s Famous Faces

Of the more notable names to have earned their degrees from the University of Dundee, there have been quite a few famous barristers, judges, and justice, so for the prospective student who harbours aspirations of finding their path in law, the university is certainly the prime place to begin their journey.

Among the famous alumni, both the Baroness Clark of Calton and Lord Turnbull began their careers within the walls of the university.
Though it is probably the pair of graduates that would form the band Snow Patrol that would

shine the brightest light on the university. Though their careers certainly took them in a different direction, both founding members of the band, who later go on to gain fame across the world, having their music featured in television programmes and movies, Mark McClelland and Gary Lightbody both proudly call the university their alma mater.

Pursuing a Career in Law at the University of Dundee

Those that wish to follow their aspirations and enrol in the university’s school of law join the ranks of thousands of others who wish to take advantage of the university’s unique blend of tried and true teaching philosophies and willingness to continue experimenting with new methods.

This willingness to continuously adapt students learning to reflect the demands of the industry garnered the university high praise from the Guardian, earning the university the title of best school of law within all of Scotland and fifth within the UK as a whole.

Students are not required to follow the exact outlines of specific programmes, though they are certainly free to do so, instead the university allows students to adapt their coursework to match their own personal goals. This interdisciplinary approach to preparing the next wave of professionals within the industry have made the graduates of the university a highly sought asset for firms around the world.

Students are free to blend aspects of:

• Corporate and Commercial Law
• International Law and Security
• Environmental Law
• International Commercial Law
• International Criminal Justice and Human Rights
• And Banking and Finance Law…

As well as take their studies abroad to other award winning programs and firms as they continue to find their place within the industry.

Those looking to take their knowledge a step further can partake in research programmes that regularly determine international affairs of law. The effect the research conducted at the University of Dundee has garnered the university the distinction of being recognised on an international level, often ranking above majority of other schools of law at other university across all of the UK.

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