University of Cambridge

Few universities and schools of law have garnered as much praise or renown as the storied campus of the University of Cambridge. Simultaneously both the host to some of the greatest legal minds to grace our society and the back drop for a student body community like no other in the world, the campus has earned its place as one the most respected educational intuitions not only within the UK but the world over.

Students of the university join the ranks of great minds like Stephen Hawking, Alan Turing, and Robert Oppenheimer, as they put them against what is easily considered one of the mostrigorous educational programs available at any university.

The University of Cambridge’s Rich History of Higher Learning

Being able to call Charles Darwin (the father of the theory of evolution) but one of the many notable names to once grace its halls, the University of Cambridge has built a legacy of preparing the future roles of some of the most significant individuals not only in modern history but since its inception early in the thirteenth century.

A Learning Environment unlike Any Other

Being able to study, attend lectures, and even read in the same libraries as some of the most influential people in history is an experience inherent only to the UK’s most renowned university. An experience so unique, many students travel well beyond the borders of their home country simply for the opportunity to try themselves within the same halls. In fact, nearly half of the entire student body comes from abroad, a fact that lends itself to explaining the inherently inclusive yet diverse student body community within its walls.

As a student, your days will be spent taking notes and challenging your previously held beliefs during engaging lectures led by passionate professors, meeting and learning about the diverse backgrounds of all your peers as your become part of a network of alumni that spreads around the world, all while pursuing one of the most prestigious law degrees one can hope to attain.

For the many students of law that have passed through the halls of the University of Cambridge, the time spent bettering themselves and fostering their future potential were not only some of the most influential period within their lives but also some of their most fond. Truly finding yourself while studying beside a group of peers that both challenges you and complements your endeavours is an experience inherent within the very spirit of Cambridge.

Adding Your Name to a Long List of Famous and Notable Alumni

As one of oldest educational intuitions in the UK, the University of Cambridge has a long history of playing host to some of the greatest minds and influential people in society. Few other institutions are able to claim both the father of the modern theory of life and the greatest living mind as its own.

In fact, the list of famous names that have graced the halls of the university includes so many great actors, physicist, psychologists, mathematicians, and practitioners of lawso exhaustively, it may besafe to say that no other university has played such crucial role in shaping the future of society as the University of Cambridge.

Among some of the more notable individuals to have studied within the university’s famous halls are such great thinkers like the famed poet Robert Frost, beloved animal lover Sir David Attenborough, and the father of the most devastating weapon ever created by man, Robert Oppenheimer.

Few other universities have given rise to such talented individuals, with very little regard to chosen path, as the University of Cambridge.

A Law Program Renowned Across the World

The Faculty of Law, the University of Cambridge’s school of law, is not only one of the oldest programs in existence that still regularly prepares professionals for successful careers within the field, but also is one of the most widely accepted institutions across the world.

And for those fortunate, and industrious enough, to be accepted into the Faculty of Law, the opportunity to receive one of the most prestigious degrees within law is simply the first step towards a lifelong pursuit of excellence within the field.

Prospective students can decide to follow their passion for law through one of the most extensive programs available within the UK. Whether they enter as an undergraduate, wish to progress their education as a post graduate, or even harbour aspirations of one day writing their doctorate, the Faculty of Law gives students an opportunity to pursue their own individual path towards fulfilling their own personal aspirations.

For those deciding to pursue their education while beyond receiving their master’s degree, the doctorate programme at the University of Cambridge provides students with the opportunity to a part of the very legal research that often shapes the course of modern society. Unlike any other university, the work performed by the dedicated teams of professors and doctorate students often goes on to help influence decisions beyond only the borders of the UK.

Of the many programmes available, prospective students can decide to follow their passion and study the law as it applies to the new emerging global market, the intricacies of international judicial law, and of course, find the perfect foundation for a path towards shaping the judicial future of the country.

Adding to the long list of reasons to study law at the university, Cambridge is also one of the many UK campuses that actively participates the Erasmus+ programme. This programme provides accepted students with the opportunity to not only study law abroad across Europe, but gives students a chance to gain real world applicable knowledge by working with some of the leaders within the industry, as they study, learn, and hone the skills they will take with them beyond the classroom and into their careers.

Add Your Voice To the Story

If you were one of the fortunate individuals able to call the University of Cambridge their home, we ask you to take the moment to share your story and memories with the world. By leaving a response of your time spent at the University of Cambridge, you help other eager, young minds decide the course of their own future.

To learn more about the storied past of the University of Cambridge and some of the great minds that called its halls home, please visit the university’s official site.