University College of London

Offering a unique opportunity to study and live in the heart of London, the University College of London has long been the first choice for prospective law students looking to build a foundation that will carry them into their careers.

Originally founded in the early part of the nineteenth century, the university is one of the first three universities ever founded within the UK, falling behind only the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge. As one of the oldest universities in the UK, the University College of London has the distinct characteristic of both being steeped in tradition while embracing modern philosophies.

Life as a Student of the University College of London

For the nearly thirty thousand students that attend the university each semester, life on campus is a wonderful mix of expanding horizons in challenging and thought provoking classes while taking in all that the city of London has to offer.

Enjoying London’s Diverse Culture

Finding residence in one the largest cities in the UK, students are able to enjoy much of the sights, attractions, and experiences that only London can offer a young mind.

And there is certainly no shortage of things to explore and see within the city itself.

Students can play tourist for a day and explore much of the attractions that have the city of London famous across the world. While certainly trips to London Tower and Big Ben are a must see, living in the shadow of these wonders never loses its appeal, the city has plenty to offer those willing to explore its less ventured neighbourhoods.

For those with a taste for music

Nothing quite compares to an evening spent listening to music in the world famous Royal Albert Hall, whose stage has played host to some of the most influential bands across every genre. Or perhaps you can find yourself dancing the night away in one London’s many clubs and pubs open well into the early hours of the morning, whatever your taste, London is sure to provide.

Though London is certainly the musical hub of the UK, its cultural experiences extend far beyond nights of music, in fact, whatever you may be searching for London has a place perfect for you.
This is certainly the major draw to the university as being able to live, study, and eventually, for some, work in one the greatest cities in the world is understandably irresistible to many.

But the University College of London has much more to offer its students than just a place to rest while exploring the wonder that is the city of London. As one of the oldest universities in the UK, the University College of London has built a reputation for its academic excellence and outreach programmes for both students and alumni. In addition to its renowned academic programmes, few other universities have such wide spread and extensive collection of alumni across the world, providing connections and networking opportunities across every major industry across the world.

The University College of London List of Famous Faces and Notable Alumni…

Having the luxury of being one of the oldest universities in the UK, the University College of London has been the home to more famous faces and notable names than most other universities across the world.

Not many other universities are able to claim famous politicians, world leaders, musicians, actors, poets, and even Mahatmas Gandhi himself as their own, though the University College of London is in itself quite unique.

Though the list of famous people who have graduated from its storied halls is certainly an exhaustive list of who’s who within the last several centuries, some of the more recent, as recent as two centuries can be, graduates to have found success are…

• Sir David Attenborough
• Ricky Gervais
• Alexander Graham Bell
• Chris Martin of Coldplay
• Paul Davies
• Edith Abbott
• And Mahatmas Gandhi

Though if one were to fully exhaust the list of influential and famous people that once walked the University College of London’s, it would seem that the university has a certain draw or appeal that calls to great people, or perhaps even closer to the truth, the university is able to foster the immense potential of each student allowing them to go forward and achieve greatness.

Studying Law at the University College of London…

For those looking to pursue a career in law, the University College of London provides students with not only access to world class professor, classes, and seminars but the opportunity to attain a diploma from one of the most well regarded institutions in not only the UK but around the world.

Undergraduate students are able to choose from a wide variety of programmes and classes as they begin their journey towards building their career, creating a student that is well versed in not only one area of the law but knowledgeable of each individual facet of law within the country and abroad.

Undergraduate’s studies are broken down into a three year programme that includes…

• Contract Law
• Criminal Law
• Property Law I
• Public Law
• European Union Law
• Jurisprudence and Legal Theory
• Property Law II
• Tort Law
• Access to Justice and Community Engagement
• Alternative Dispute Resolution
• Commercial Law
• Company Law
• Conflict of Laws

To name but a few of the courses.

As extensive as the list of courses for undergraduates is, the list of available of programmes for those wishing to continue their education as a postgraduate student nearly reaches triple digits, providing students with the chance to fully embrace their own path in law and learn as they see fit.

Adding Your Voice to the Story of the University College of London…

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