The University of York

Located in the beautiful city of York, the University of York has built a reputation over the last fifty years for its excellent and diverse programs available for incoming students wishing to pursue their passion in law. Though the university opened in 1963 with only a couple hundred students enrolled in its undergraduate programme, over the last half century the campus has begun to attract students from all around the world who wish to call its unique campus home.

Unlike many other campuses across the country, the University of York has quite an unusual feature not readily seen in other educational institutions. While the university certainly fosters the creativity and future of every single student that walk its campus, it is the university’s predisposition to respect its unenrolled residents that is a bit outside of the norm.

The campus itself is home to not only thousands of students but also quite a few local wildlife species. Unlike other establishments that may take actions to remove animals from campus grounds, the University of York has taken its philosophy of inclusion a step further. Several different species of wild fowl all call the university home as do wild rabbits and squirrels, each free to roam as they please though their welcome is not extended into the university’s buildings.

Life as a Student at the University of York

Life for the thousands of students that attend the University of York each year is filled with opportunities to explore the local culture, expand their horizons, and challenge their previously held beliefs as they live, learn, and grow besides a diverse group of peers from all around the world.

Though the city of York abounds with possibilities and things to see, the university’s campus is in itself quite something to see and unlike many other campuses.

For students looking for a quick respite from their daily studies, the campus’s own nature preserve gives students the chance to unwind among the wildlife and take a breath of fresh air before heading back to follow their passion.

Art Abounds on the University of York Campus Grounds

The University of York fosters the creativity of its students and is proud to display the fruits of their labours in one of the many installations and galleries dotting the campus grounds. Students are welcome to explore the collection of art from local Yorkshire artist in the university’s Norman Rea Art Gallery or spend time reflecting on one of the many sculptures and statues that call the campus grounds home.

From nature walks to fresh produce markets and cafes, the university has built quite a collection of services and things to see for students, making it quite tempting to never leave campus. For good reason though, when you can do your shopping, studying, and admire sculptures all in one location, it becomes easy to not want to venture out beyond the grounds.

Though students would be doing themselves a disservice by not fully taken advantage of everything the city of York has to offer.

Exploring the Local Sights and Culture in the City of York

The beautiful city of York is quite the experience in itself, for its size, the city only has a couple hundred thousand permanent residents, the city provides all the comforts found in larger metropolises while still being able to retain a country small town feel, welcoming everyone to explore its streets.

Students can take full advantage of all the opportunities to discover the local culture in between classes, as the city centre is only a short trip from campus.

This means that students can spend their afternoons perusing museums, art galleries, and parks or take a break in between classes to try some of the local cuisine.

Though life in the city of York can at times be idyllic in its appearance with all the charm of a smaller city, the nightlife scene is as you would expect for any university city. Students can spend their nights listening to local bands in pubs, catch a couple national acts at York Barbican, or even try their own hand at showcasing their talents at a local open mic.

The University of York’s Famous Alumni

The University of York has a certain proclivity for creating successful career politicians, within its short time as a university, nearly twenty members of parliament have all once called the halls of the university their home. In fact, the university has produced quite a few famous politicians and MP’s over the years. Though the university is not only limited to fostering the future careers of politicians and members of Parliament, quite a few creative people found their start within the university’s walls, the former director general of the BBC being one of them as well as the current director of the Natural History Museum.

Studying Law at the University of York

Those looking to pursue a career in law will find a receptive environment at the University of York. Whether they are entering as undergraduates or continuing their education as a postgraduate student, the many programmes offered by the university help create the foundation in which future professionals will build their success upon.

Those entering as an undergraduate are able to pursue wither their passion in either a three or two year programme dependent upon their own academic aspirations.

Though after completed the first portion of their education, students are free to enrol in either…

• LLM in International Corporate and Commercial Law
• LLM in International Human Rights Law and Practice
• LLM in Legal and Political Theory

As they continue to expand their understanding of the law and begin their journey towards success.

Are You a Graduate of the University of York?

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