Queen Mary, University of London

From very humble beginnings, Queen Mary University of London has built its foundation upon the philosophy of open access and education for everyone, without regard towards societal statuses of the day. Originally opened as a philanthropic endeavor to bring opportunities to the mainly working class neighborhood of East London, the then named People’s Palace found itself adapting quite considerably over the years since it first opened its doors in 1887.

Having found itself mired in the sweeping changes that would take over London over the next hundred years, the university itself served as both a hotbed for change and a mirror for the societal shifts throughout its history. The flexibility and resiliency of the university was only further established during the last world war, when the campus found itself mired in the country wide war effort as it served as home to a battalion of soldiers during the Blitz.

Since then the university has flourished into becoming one of the most reputable institutions within the UK, drawing thousands of students each year from around the world for the opportunity to study within its halls.

As the student population peaks well above 30,000 students, from all over the planet, QMUL’s student body community offers a completely inclusive environment for all people regardless of their diversity.

Life as a Law Student at QMUL

Life on campus at QMUL is quite unlike any other. As the beautiful campus is located in the historic east end of London, students are free to explore everything the city has to offer while enjoying time away from their studies.

And considering London’s abundant culturally opportunities and lively night scene, students are surely to find themselves immersed in a swirl of new experiences and chances to discover their passion while pursuing their academic aspirations.

Enjoying all of the Opportunities London has to Offer

For those attending QMUL, the opportunity to study, live, and learn within the heart of London is quite unlike any other. Few other universities find themselves in such a thriving community full of international cuisine, world class music venues, and attractions to keep even the most studious individual tempted to steal off for a night into the city.

For the music lover with a passion for law, London plays host to headline acts nearly every night of the year but its annual summer music festivals are the true crown jewel in its lively music scene. Each year as thousands of people from around the world descend on Hyde Park for festivals, students have the opportunity to take part in the fun happening in their very backyards.

Though for those that would prefer to trade in the sun and sweat for something a little more focused on the arts, London is home to wonderful art galleries, museums, and sculpture installations. Depending on your taste you can spend an afternoon quietly gazing on the striking collections of art in architecture, design, and fashion at London’s Design Museum or connect with London’s rich history while enjoying the weather at the Whitechapel Gallery.

Famous Faces and Notable Alumni

The one of a kind opportunity to experience everything London has to offer while pursuing academic aspirations in one of the highest ranked universities in the UK has drawn quite a few influential and famous people to proudly claim the university as their Alma Mater, though they were still very much on their way towards greatness when they studied in QMUL’s halls.

Arguably QMUL’s most famous son, is also the prodigal son. Those who went through a ‘phase’ in their early adolescents may know Bruce Dickinson as the frontman for classic metal band Iron Maiden, though before Dickinson took to stage chasing and fighting towering puppets, he found himself a student very much looking to find himself within QMUL.

This may be a common thread for the campus as quite a few famous musicians once walked QMUL’s campus before moving on to find success in the music industry. Certainly it can be said, the campus has an affinity for producing frontmen as the Libertines co-founder, Pete Doherty, studied at the university for a time.

Though the university is far from being strictly a breeding ground for rock frontmen, notable novelist Sarah Waters, whose honest depictions and representations of LGBT communities garnered her praise and awards throughout her career, too began her career at QMUL.

The School of Law at Queen Mary, University of London

QMUL offers future law professionals the opportunity to study in one of London’s highest regarded research facilities as they pursue their own choice of programmes. Whether students enter as an undergraduate looking to build a strong foundation for the future or wish to continue progressing within the field while adding valuable insight to the industry as postgraduate students, QMUL’s highly regarded programmes prepare students for their future endeavours.

As one of the more highly regarded institutes for research within the UK, the programmes offered by QMUL provide students with the opportunity to study under professors who are actively contributing and engaged with the law community while giving each student the chance to add to the overall understanding of the study.

For those that wish to make expanding their knowledge of law their aspiration, QMUL’s PhD programme is one of the largest within the UK, drawing in students from all across the world.
Though, whatever path they may choose while studying at QMUL, students all benefit from access to the University of London’s complete collection of research, state of the art research facilities, and extended opportunities to attend seminars across the country.

Add Your Own Voice and Experience to the Conversation

For all of the benefits and experiences students reap, it is their own unique story that defines a university. We ask you to add your voice to the story and please leave a review, comment, or recollection of your time spent studying at Queen Mary, University of London. Your experiences and insight will help thousands of others decide whether or not the too should pursue their aspirations at QMUL.

If you would like to learn more about life at QMUL, please visit their website at www.law.qmul.ac.uk