John Moore University

Located deep within the heart of world renowned Liverpool, John Moore University has helped shape the lives of eager young people set on discovering their future in legal studies within its storied halls dating back to its humble beginnings in the late 1800’s.

As a student of law at John Moore University, you become privy to an academic culture steeped in the centuries old traditions of Liverpool as your academic life opens a new world of studying minutes from a UNESCO recognised heritage site and enjoying the opportunity to follow your passion for law.

Find Yourself and a Few Stories While Preparing For Your Future

At John Moore University, opportunities to define your future and spark your excitement to discover extend well beyond the university walls. As an on-campus student, the entirety of Liverpool beckons you to explore the history filled streets as you spend evenings laughing, learning, and growing in its world famous cafes, pubs, and restaurants, some even favoured by Britain’s greatest gymnast, three time Olympian medallist Beth Tweddle while she pursued her passion as a proud LJMU student.

John Moore University has so much more to offer than a cultural experience like no other

Pushing the boundaries of academic excellence and exploring new opportunities is deeply ingrained within student culture at LJMU, and as a student you too will be able to study law under passionate professors, building the skills and knowledge you will need to carry you successfully into the future.

The opportunities at LJMU abound well beyond the boundaries of a classroom, and as a student, you can take full advantage of the many international programmes designed to give students applicable knowledge within their legal studies on the global level, better preparing them for the increased reach of our ever expanding global economy. Whether you prefer to study business law while practicing your Mandarin in China or expanding your palette in beautiful Italy, LJMU’s international study programme can help open doors to the rest world for you.

Beginning your Life with the Best Possible Opportunities

LJMU’s philosophy of inclusiveness is felt throughout the entire city of Liverpool and as not only a student but a resident, you too can call one of the most culturally inclusive and safe cities home while building the foundation for the rest of your life. Beyond being simply safe and culturally inclusive, life within the confines of Liverpool is inordinately inexpensive and affordable for everyone, lending itself to becoming an amazing jumping board for the rest of your life.

Though life at LJMU offers more than simply advanced opportunities and unparalleled education…

As a student, you can leave behind the world of academia and explore all that Liverpool has to offer. Renowned the world over for its thriving musical scene, Liverpool has flourished from its simple working class roots to become the city it is today. Fondly referred to as the ‘World in One City’ by locals and visitors alike who have come to know and love the city, nights spent in Liverpool are filled with world famous cuisine from one of the many unique restaurants dotting the roads, music from pubs and venues, and experiences you can only find in the city that works as hard as it plays.

Join the ranks of famous alumni

LJMU has found itself home to quite a few notable and great legal minds over the course of its history, often its halls played instrumental roles in shaping the future of the minds that would leave its classrooms behind bound for greater aspirations.

Among the famous faces who once studied in its halls, three time Olympic Medallist Beth Tweddle found herself pursuing her dreams within LJMU’s walls as she set out in becoming arguably, the greatest gymnast the UK has seen.

Phil Selway, the backbone behind the haunting rhythms of Radiohead’s vast catalogue once called LJMU his home before moving on to success as part of one of the most renowned experimental bands in the world.

UK’s greatest gymnast and Radiohead’s percussionist are but two of the many famous faces that found themselves and their futures while spending the best years of their lives within LJMU’s beautiful campus.

Unparalleled Law Programmes Both On-Campus and Abroad

If the beckon of studying law calls to you, LJMU can provide the perfect foundation as you move forward shaping the landscapes of business, politics, or judicial law.
As a student working towards achieving your degree in law, you can take full advantage of the unique opportunities only available at LJMU.

And whether you want to move forward with a career practicing law within the business sector, fighting for justice within the judicial system as a barrister, or negotiating the future terms of international business, LJMU’s many opportunities can help you find the perfect path for your future.

The fully accredited and recognised LLB (Hons) Law Degree offered is awarded to students as recognition for the years spent learning and honing their craft both in classrooms and boardrooms.
LJMU law programmes provide students with the opportunity to not only study under passionate professionals but take their learning experience beyond simply the border of a classroom, and at times, even the borders of the UK.

Opportunities to study and live abroad while studying in the business sector are but one of the many international opportunities afforded to students pursuing their law degree. Students can even take their experience and knowledge into real world applications by taking advantage of an international internship programme that helps place students with major players in the international business community.

Are You a LJMU Alumni?

If the halls of LJMU have helped shape and mould your life, we would love to learn about your unique experiences and the moments you cherished while calling LJMU home, so please feel free to leave a review of your time spent at LJMU. By adding your experience to the vast collection of other alumni, you help build resources for prospective students searching for the highest rated universities in the UK.

If you would like to continue learning more about life at Liverpool’s John Moore University, please visit LJMU’s official website.