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Choosing Your Own Career Path and Finding the Right Study of Law!

Deciding to pursue a career in law can be quite a challenging yet exciting prospect for those looking to become future barristers and solicitors.

Beyond the promise of high salaries, challenging workloads, and the ample opportunities to make a difference, a lifetime spent practicing law comes with a certain expectation as you join the ranks of other proud professionals, all united in protecting and practicing that which keeps our world civil, our laws.

Though exciting and full opportunities as a future career in law can be, it may be a little overwhelming when facing the prospect of having to decide your future path before truly exploring all of your options.

As the study of law is broken into quite a few separate and distinct categories, though it is true some do overlap in principle, allowing for one study to paint a general picture of another, for the most part, each offers their own unique quirks and practices, deciding which you would like to pursue should be your first step towards becoming a solicitor or barrister. Of the many options available to you in the beginning of your career, the study of law branches out to include quite a number of individual studies ranging from international tax law to human rights law, your path begins with one of seven disciplines and studies.

So let’s explore a few of the opportunities and options that lie before you when you decide to pursue your LLB…

Tort Law

Though only one letter off from being the study of delicious treats, tort law actually refers to the wide depth of studies that accompany cases of wrongs committed against an individual perpetrated by another individual. Generally this involves wrongful death, personal injury, libel, and slander; essentially anything that causes one person to suffer harm or a loss at the hands of another person.

As a solicitor or barrister specializing in tort law, you will come across a wide variety of cases, though you can decide to niche even further and perhaps only take cases of libel for high profile clients, the decision is truly yours to make.

Expected Salary After Studying Tort Law

The salary of those practicing some fashion of tort law generally range from £22,000 to upwards of £67,000, though individual salaries are completely dependent on area, firm, and frequency of cases.

Criminal Law

By far the most well-known and popular choice among prospective law students, criminal law refers to, as its name would suggest, the study of law as it applies criminal prosecutions.

Though generally this often breaks down into those who go forward to work on the side of the plaintiffs, such as Crown Prosecutors for CPS, or on the side of the defense, taking the side of one of the most misunderstood and, at times wrongly vilified, groups within society.
Whether you decide to pursue a career protecting innocent individuals from wrongful prosecution or decide to seek proper punishment for those who maliciously hurt others, there are few similarities you find on both sides.

For one, working as a barrister within criminal law, for either side, puts you right in the middle of highly emotional and sometimes heated cases, as most people generally do not take too well to having their freedoms stripped away, regardless of just cause.

Though not every solicitor or barrister that practices criminal law takes on cases involving especially heinous crimes such as murder or assault. It is becoming more common to find prospective barristers approaching the study of criminal justice with the intent of pursuing so called ‘white collar crime’ as it is referred to across the pond.

Expected Salary for Solicitors and Barristers Practicing Criminal Law

The salary of those practicing criminal law ranges anywhere between £22,000 and upwards to as high as £105,000, though the national average falls a bit closer to the former at a still formidable £50,000.

Constitutional and Administrative Law

Though the name can be a bit confusing as the UK is without a formal constitution, in the way that our neighbors across the pond have one, constitutional/administrative law is easily one of the most important aspects of law a prospective law student can pursue. As the very actions, cases, and outcomes all facilitate the greater function of our society as a whole.

Without getting too lost in the definition, essentially those who practice constitutional and administrative law are tasked with ensuring that government agencies, groups, and departments act in accordance with their responsibility towards the general public.
This can include cases that range from prosecuting misconduct of police officers in the field to cases of illegal collusion in the higher tiers of our government.

Those who decide to pursue their education and career in studying constitutional and administrative law, often go on to be hired by the GLS, who is the largest employer of barristers and solicitors within the nation.

Though often overlooked when students are considering possible opportunities on their path towards becoming a barrister or solicitor, a career in constitutional and administrative law can be one of the most rewarding of the core studies of law. For those that decide to follow that path, they are often the only guards standing between the general public and those that would use their power and position for abuse, which given the current political climate is more important than ever.

Choosing your Own Path and Finding Which Study Best Fits Your Aspirations

Though the previously mentioned studies are simply just representative of the most popular choices students tend to follow when first starting their careers, a profession within law comes with a variety of opportunities and possibilities. Depending on your own individual aspirations, this can mean practicing law on an international basis, prosecuting companies that violate the rights of indigenous populations or simply making sure that personal wrongs and injuries are compensated fairly and justly.

The entire scope of law is wide enough to offer challenging and rewarding paths for all those that decide to pursue a career within the industry.

5 of the best UK Universities to study law

University College of London

Located in the heart of bustling London, the University College of London offers prospective law students the opportunity to pursue their passion while taking in all the sights and experiences that have made the city the cultural mecca of the UK.

As a student, you are free to spend your moments outside of class enjoying all that London has to offer. Spend your afternoons tasting local fare at one of the many world class restaurants within the city or catch an international act at the renowned Royal Albert Hall, the choice is all yours and yours to take at the University College of London.

University of Cambridge

Join the ranks of the countless number of famous and influential alumni that once called the storied halls of Cambridge their home and follow your passion for law at one of the oldest universities within all of UK.

Renowned the world over for its unparalleled programs and amazing faculty, the University of Cambridge has a well-earned reputation of providing the building blocks for greatness to so many great minds throughout history.

Here you will find yourself immersed in history itself as you spend your days studying in the same halls Stephen Hawking once studied and walking the same halls Oppenheimer would wander between classes.

The University of Oxford

As the single oldest university within the UK, the University of Oxford has positioned itself as one of the best institutions to build the foundation in which your future in law will rest.

As a student you can take in all that the beautiful campus has to offer in between classes as you lose yourself among the ancient architecture and rich history of the campus.And of course spend your weekends enjoying a lively nightlife scene in East Oxford, dancing well into the early hours of the day or exploring all that the local cuisine has to offer in one of the many restaurants around the city’s cultural hub of Jericho.

University of Leeds

The beautiful city of Leeds is home to one of the top universities not only within the UK but the world itself.
As a student of the University of Leeds you have the rare opportunity to take full advantage of

the true university experience.

Few other universities are able to boast such renowned academic programs while giving students’ access to the cultural mecca that is Leeds. From spending an evening taking in all of the amazing cuisine available from all corners of the world to jumping head first into a thriving art community, the University of Leeds is an experience unto itself and unlike any other.

University of York

Resting among the sprawling greenery that envelops the campus, the University of York offers students stunning views of its beautiful campus and opportunities to reconnect with nature without ever having to step foot off of campus.

Along with its nature preserves and classic architecture, the university’s art galleries, statue parks, and theater create the perfect environment for exploring one’s future while preparing for all of the opportunities to come.

Students are free to experience the city of York’s rich history and culture as they explore everything the city has to offer. And with everything from ancient 14 century pubs to modern art galleries, the city is sure to have something for every student.